Charlamagne Tha God Responds To NBA YoungBoy’s Diss…His Brain Isn’t Fully Developed Yet’

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Charlamagne Tha God responded to NBA YoungBoy dissing him on a track after The Breakfast Club host gave him “Donkey Of The Day” for his comments about fatherhood.

In his “Act Like a Donkey” diss track, YoungBoy raps:

“You invited — Tell Charlamagne he invited to Grave Digger Mountain, all he gotta do is pull up on me, n-gga, and talk to me face to face.”

Charlamagne was unbothered.

“Well, you know, the young brother said he wasn’t big on fatherhood. We all should be big on fatherhood, but he’s 24 years old, you know what I’m saying? So, his prefrontal cortex hasn’t even fully developed yet. He’ll start thinking more rationally once he turns 25, maybe. But I respect the fact that he had real livestock in the video. He had a real donkey in the video. That’s a tax write-off, and the food for the donkey is a tax write-off, too. So, salute to him for that,” he said in response.

Charlamagne is also declining Youngboy’s invite to his crib.

“That’s the beauty of being 45 years old and being born in 1978. Number one, I ain’t going to no place that’s called Grave Digger Mountain,” he said. “The hell am I doing on Grave Digger mountain if it ain’t Halloween?”

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