Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Responds To Cam’ron’s Recent PSA

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Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson responded to Cam’ron’s recent video calling sports journalists and analyst out who have not been supportive of his It Is What It Is podcast with Ma$e.

Cam said in part during the PSA: “Y’all n-ggas scared, y’all moving funny. We came ready. First of all, Murda made the slogan: we do it like we do it for TV. All y’all analysts and n-ggas pissed off, we gon’ make you real mad ’cause n-ggas gon’ start hitting me with the information. I’m a make sure I call my friends up. You know what time it is when it comes to basketball. We on your ass…pause…and if you mad, you gon’ get madder. F-ck you bitch-ass n-ggas.”

Ochocinco shared the post, and had some words for Killa.

“Cam you my man but once i finish fasting & get back in front of the camera I’m gone dominate that space [fencer emoji],” he tweeted.

Cam caught wind of the tweet and immediately fired back:

“First of all, Chad, n-ggas wanted me to get you…pause…a long time ago. I said, ‘I ain’t gon’ f-ck with Chad, he going through his little mental sh-t.’ I don’t know what it is exactly, but I said I’m a leave Chad alone. But you’re f-cking with me. So let me ask you this, Chad: all the NFL analysts, whoever it is, Michael Strahan, ESPN Swagu, Dan Orlovsky, you coming after me? Well, come on, n-gga! You talking about you fasting, n-gga. You can fast and get on TV in rehab! I know a n-gga who go to rehab and act like they fasting. Second of all, n-ggas wanted me to get you a long time ago, Chad. You moving oppy. I said, ‘Listen, you gotta be careful of n-ggas who be headbutting bitches.’ ‘Cause Chad will headbutt a bitch in a minute!”

Cam even took it a step further by comparing Ochocinco to R Kelly.

“Ayoo CHAD!! pause!! Get in front of the camera and dominate the space?! U on some R Kelly sh-t,” he wrote. “Secondly u moving oppy!! Instead of tryna compete u shoulda just ask to come on the show.”

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