Celina Powell Details Intimate Moment With Lil Meech

Tiffany Brockworth |

When Summer Walker revealed she was dating Lil Meech, Celina Powell hopped on social media and leaked an intimate video of her giving the actor fellatio.

Celina talked about the incident in a recent interview. In the video, she says the rapper wanted to be intimate with her and her female friend. They went into the bathroom and she says they were on their knees for two hours pleasuring the BMF star.

Fans clowned her in the comments section:

“Wtf is a Glock Glock 3000? That’s why he ain’t cum. You was doing it wrong dear. GAWK GAWK 3000 🙄” one viewer wrote.

“😒 Y’all can hate fresh & Fit and Andrew Tate. But they had a whole episode with her and she pretty much exposed herself and what she be doing. No man should be near this women if you care about yourself. 😑 But N-ggas ain’t gon listen… Smh,” another wrote.

Is Celina jealous of Summer Walker?

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