Celeb Fitness Trainer Massy Arias: My ‘Abusive’ Ex Husband Wants Alimony & Child Support!!

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Massy Arias is a popular social media health coach and internet phenomenon. She is candid about how practicing fitness changed her life for the better and kept her from losing hope.

The beautiful trainer and model, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, is now a world renowned nutritionist, and health consultant.

But now Massy is going through a VERY messy divorce, with her husband Stefan. Media Take Out confirmed that Stefan is seeking sole custody of their daughter, and wants child support and alimony.

Now Massy is striking back, calling Stefan “abusive.” She wrote on Instagram yesterday:

While many of you still wonder about why I decided to divorce—You’ll understand that no one should ever stay in a relationship that is mentally abusive and manipulative. Now I’m battling one of the biggest challenges of my life—my daughter’s safety and the decisions that will shape her life.


But this isn’t the first time that Massy accused one of her exes as being “abusive.”

About eight years ago, Massy Arias had just gotten out of an abusive relationship, and her brother was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The emotional toll of both was enormous. She felt lost. Depressed. And so she retreated to her apartment, barely ate, and dropped an unhealthy amount of weight. Her gums receded and her hair fell out as the depression deepened over the course of nearly eight months.

Massy tried therapy, hypnosis, herbal treatments. Nothing worked, and that’s what led her to the gym.

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