Caucasian TRANS Lady Claims To Have Had A STEAMY One Nighter … With Rapper Kevin Gates!!

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Hip hop star Kevin Gates is going viral today – after a popular transperson, named Lilah Gibney is exposing the rapper. Media Take Out confirmed that Lilah is claiming to have had a steamy one nighter with the Louisiana rapper.

Kevin has, in the past, been known to be friendly with the trans community. At the time, most of his fans thought that Kev’s cozying up with the LGBTQ+ group came out of his acceptance of the group.

Now it turns out that it could have been something else.

In a new podcast, Lilah is interviewed, and right out the gate, she exposes Kevin Gates. Media Take Out confirmed.

Lilah, a transperson who had her male body parts surgically changed, told the interviewers that she went on a “date” with Kevin Gates. According to Lilah, she DMs famous rappers in hopes of sleeping with them – in exchange for them paying her bills.

Lilah claims that when she pulled up to the restaurant she wondered, “am I gonna get like shot.”

Lilah ran up the dinner bill, by ordering the most expensive stuff on the menu, including caviar. And she claims that Kevin was staring “deep into her soul” for the entire evening.

Now here’s the part that gets interesting. Lilah claims that Kevin took her to his home, and introduced her to a person who she believes was his WIFE Dreka. Yes, you read that right.

She claims that the two then went to Kevin’s bedroom – where it went down. Kevin was giving Lilah or** when she claimed that Kevin noticed that there was something different about her down there.

The transperson claimed that Kevin asked whether she was trans, and she said ‘yes.’ Lilah then told interviewers that Kevin said it’s OK” and finished doing the deed with her.

The way she talks about their romp is pretty … open.

According to her, he took her out to dinner, took her home, introduced her to his “sister”, they did the deed and he blocked her later.
Listen to the video, the shocking story is in the first few minutes.

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