Cassie’s Husband Alex Fine Is Spilling TEA . . . Suggests That Diddy Is Secretly GAY!! (LOOK)

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Diddy has faced “gay” rumors for years. Now Media Take Out confirmed that his ex-girlfriend’s new husband is adding fuel to the fire, by suggesting that Diddy is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Billionaire mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs” dating Cassie Ventura for nearly a decade, before the beautiful singer broke up with Diddy, and started dating her man’s personal trainer, Alex Fine.

Now Cassie and Alex are happily married, with two children. And yesterday Alex appeared to spill some scorching hot tea, about Diddy’s alleged secret proclivities.

Diddy shared his new Love Records single “Gotta Move On,” a track that with a hook from Bryson Tiller. Diddy has been teasing his all-R&B record label for some time and promised that he would release another album soon.

As fans were listing to the track, and discussing their opinions, some noticed that a particular portion seemed to sound as if Diddy was referencing his 11-year romance with Cassie.

“You found a new man, so I gotta move on / Guess you got a new agenda, with someone you barely know / I won’t, say you’re wrong / Guess you had to move on,” he said on the track.

Diddy and Cassie split in 2018 and by the end of the year, the singer introduced her new relationship with Diddy’s former personal trainer, Alex Fine. In 2019, Cassie and Fine announced their engagement, marriage, and first pregnancy.

Social media users believe that there have been subliminal shots thrown by Fine toward Diddy since he began his romance with Cassie, but this time, the public is shocked by his recent post.

On his Instagram Story, Alex uploaded a photo of the word “LOVE” with each letter in a different color. “Happy Pride to all my LGBTQ+ friends,” he wrote above the image with a link to an “LGBT foundation.” He added, “Attached is a charity that helps people who are in the closet and GOTTA MOVE ON. Along with other resources.”

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