Cassie & Her Husband Throw Parties For Underprivileged Kids … With Diddy’s MONEY!!

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Sean “Diddy” Combs dropped a reported $100M to settle a devastating lawsuit filed by his ex-girlfrined Cassie. And now Media take Out learned that Cassie and her husband plan on spending some of the settlement money she received from Diddy … helping underprivileged kids.

Cassie and husband dAlex are planning on throwing “Princess Parties” for underprivileged girls in Los Angeles – as part of a broader philanthropic effort.

Just days before Cassie filed the lawsuit, Alex and Cassie threw a Princess party for more than a dozen young girls, mostly from immigrant homes.

Even without Diddy’s millions, the couple managed to scrape together enough money to put together a very cute party for local girls.

Alex explained, “Each kid had their own cake and presents thanks to donations. I started this because I heard a father on the phone with a friend or family member asking for ten dollars for his daughters bday cake. After that I knew EVERY kid needs a cake on their bday!”

Cassie’s husband continued, “I was really nervous about making sure each kid and each family would be happy. The kids had a great time and im so happy and grateful to meet and listen to everyone’s stories. Single parent household working two jobs y’all are superheros!”

But now that Alex and Cassie are mega-millionaires, you should expect the parties to get bigger, and serve more children. Alex wrote, “If you’re a parent in LA and you have a child with December/Jan bday please reach out to me if you need help with buying your kid cake/presents.”

You can reach out to Alex if you want some of that settlement paper …

He continued, :”When the charity grows I would love to send the babies out of town a cake and some gifts.”

Well … with Diddy’s hundo millio, the charity is bound to grow …

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