Cassidy Wishes He’d Spent More Time Getting To Know R. Kelly

Lyndon Abioye |

R. Kelly gave Cassidy one of his biggest hits back in the 2000s with “Hotel,” but the rapper says he wished he’s spent time getting to know him better.

“It was my first time meeting him,” Cassidy told Bootleg Kev. “I think it was my first time to Chicago too. Swizz and them were telling me different stuff of how it might be, but when we went in there — I’m a super-fan of R. Kelly, like my older brother that raised me, we used to ride around in the hood banging R. Kelly songs loud. I was a super-fan, so to know that I’m working on my first album, finally got budgets open and it’s like big, and I’m working on my first single with R. Kelly and Swizz Beatz produced it. So I was excited. I was super happy.”

Kelly will spend much of his remaining life behind bars after being convicted on allegations of sexual abuse.

“I wish I got a chance to bust it up with him more and see what type of dude he is. The second time I met him was at the video shoot and I never got a chance to meet him after that. It was my first project and I had no records out so I ain’t really have nothing for him to be connected to me,” he said.

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