Cassidy Says Meek Mill ‘Ain’t Battle Rap’

Lyndon Abioye |

Cassidy says he will never step into the battle arena with Meek Mill because Meek is not a battle rapper.

“Salute to Meek, but, he ain’t battle rap. Like, maybe he battled back in the day to try to get on, like to try to get people familiar with what he do. There’s a bunch of people that did that. But still, they wouldn’t consider themselves battle rappers,” Cassidy told Vlad TV.

He continued: “Maybe that’s the cloth he was cut from back then, but it’s been so much time, and him doing other sh-t, and on music, and then a different bag, that I’m not even sure if he’s interested in battle rapping. We kinda already had our own little battle, but I’m not interested in battling nobody. Long as the business is right, they could pick whoever I battle.”

Meek Mill started off his career as a battle rapper before making it in the mainstream…which many battle rappers have been unable to do.

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