Cassidy Says He Regrets THIS Purchase

Lyndon Abioye |

Battle rapper Cassidy says he regrets making one major purchase during the height of his career. He once spent $275,000 on a Bentley.

“It’s a lot of big things that I bought I wish I wouldn’t have bought like a Bentley, like cash. I just wanted to do that, go to the lot, just buy that sh-t instantly, not have no note, not pay for nothing. And I wanted it to be years ahead of the year it was, so I went and did it,” he told Bagfuel.

He continued, “I think after all taxes, the tints, the rims, it came out to like $275,000 or something. Then it was just a waste of money. I could’ve did a lot more stuff with that paper and rolled in the same car like that. The information I got, I could’ve rolled in that same car for even more years than I had that car. Rolled in the same car, took a lot more money, flipped it and invested it. I could’ve turned that same money into more Bentleys and still drove in the same car.”

The rapper claimed he was “uninformed” at the time, which led to him making poor financial decisions.

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