Cassidy Defends R. Kelly: All The Middle School Girls Was Getting Picked Up By Old Heads!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Cassidy defended R. Kelly again in a recent interview, calling people out for not keeping the same energy with other artists.

“With his personal life, I’m not a jury or a judge, I’m not here to do all that. Me, my wife a Libra so I started learning how to be fair in life. I don’t got no problem with n-ggas being mad at R. Kelly if that’s how y’all feel. If y’all feel like what he did actually makes you mad at heart, cool,” said.

“But be mad at heart at anybody that’s in that bag. There’s a bunch of n-ggas… not even just famous n-ggas like R. Kelly, just in my neighborhood alone that I grew up in … all the middle school girls was getting picked up by old heads. Every girl that was bad in middle school was getting picked up by some older n-gga, in every hood.”

R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison during his New York trial and last year, he was found guilty of child sex crimes in his Chicago federal trial and sentenced to 20 years, to run concurrently.

“These industry n-ggas worse. These n-ggas is like…crazy. So now I can’t do no records then. I ain’t here to point the finger at R. Kelly and these n-ggas. That ain’t my job. I just respect the n-ggas music,” he concluded.

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