Casanova Sentenced To 15 YEARS In Prison!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Casaona was sentenced to 188 months, more than 15 years, in prison after pleading guilty to federal charges of racketeering conspiracy and narcotics conspiracy.

Casanova and Jarrett “Jayecee” Crisler got into an altercation with a member of the Crips outside of the King of Diamonds on October 24. The Crip took offense to the gang signs Casanova was flashing. Crisler, an Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation member, then allegedly shot the gang member and his associate.

Federal prosecutors charged 18 members of the Brooklyn gang.

“Caswell Senior is not just a notorious recording artist, but he is also a high-profile leader of a vicious street gang and a magnet for gang violence,” U.S. District Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement.

“At a crowded Miami house party, Senior personally fired a gun that seriously injured and could have killed a victim, inciting a shootout. Further, Senior’s stature in the community was central to Gorilla Stone’s successful recruitment and nationwide expansion. Today’s sentencing — along with the other significant sentences that have been imposed in this case — shows once again that gang life is not worth it and will lead to many years in prison.”

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