Cartel Crew Star Nicole Vazala Allegedly Undergoes Controversial ‘Rib Removal’ Surgery . . . Has 22” Waist!! (PICS)

Media Take Out Staff |

Nicole Zavala starred in the VH1 hit series Cartel Crew – a show focused on the life of the beautiful women from Miami, who had family members involved in drug cartels. Nicole is originally from Cali, Columbia and her father was reportedly involved with the Cali drug cartel.

Nicole recently underwent a pretty dramatic surgery – and Media Take Out has learned that many on social media suspect that she underwent the controversial rib removal surgery.

While on the show, Nicole had a very healthy look and shape. Here’s a screenshot of what she used to look like.

But since the show ended, two years ago, Nicole has underwent a series of plastic surgeries. And her last surgery, appear to be the most aggressive.

Here are a few pics of Nicole – her waist is now just 22 inches. That’s the waist size of the average 5 year old girl in the United States.


Rib removal surgery is illegal in the United States, but it is extremely common in Latin America and Asia. The surgery involves a surgeon partially removing the bottom few ribs on a person’s rib cage – to allow the waist to become smaller.

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