Caroline Manzo: Teresa Tried To BRAINWASH Me Into Not Liking Melissa

Tiffany Brockworth |

Caroline Manzo says that if it were up to Teresa Giudice, she would have never got along with her former RHONJ costar, Melissa Gorga.

Melissa and Teresa are sister in laws and there has always been drama between them on the show.

“I remember years and years before TV, before TV, that it would always be something bad said about Melissa that we were so conditioned to dislike her when we met her and I apologized to both her and Kathy because we were so conditioned, almost brainwashed, to dislike them before we met them that we treated them poorly when they first came on the show,” she shared. “I apologized to them both, saying, ‘That wasn’t cool,’ but I was conditioned to think that way.”

Melissa said Caroline is “too old” to return to the show.

“But I don’t hate her for saying it. At the time, I’m 20 years older than her. You don’t wanna hang with that when you’re 30. I remember her saying it and I remember being bothered for half a second back then cuz I kinda heard it through the door. It’s a 30-year-old kid talking. So I [took] no offense to it then and I take no offense to it now. It’s silly.”

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