Carlee Russell Admits To LYING About Abduction … Asks Black Twitter To Stop Bullying Her!!

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Carilee Russell Has Officially admitted that she lied about being abducted. And she’s asking folks on social media to stop bullying her over her hoax, Media Take Out has learned.

Hoover police Chief Nick Derzis read a letter from Russell’s attorney, Emery Anthony, who said Russell admitted there was no abduction and no baby.

Anthony claims the 26-year-old former spa worker apologized to the police and the community for misleading them.

He said she acted alone and she did not have any help for 48 hours.

The full statement reads:

“My client has given me permission to make the following statement on her behalf: There was no kidnapping on July 13, 2023. My client did not see a baby on the side of the road. My client did not leave the Hoover area when she was identified as a missing person. My client did not have any help in this incident, but this was a single act done by herself.”

“My client was not with anyone or at any hotel during the time she was missing. My client apologizes for her actions to the community, the volunteers who were searching for her, to the Hoover Police Department and other agencies, as well as to her friends and family.”

Her parents, Talitha and Carlos Russell deactivated their Facebook pages on Friday. But her boyfriend put out a statement yesterday, asking folks on social media to “stop bullying” Carlee.

Derzis confirmed there is no scheduled meeting with Russell or her family.

The police plan to meet with Russell’s attorney tomorrow (July 25).

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