Cardi B’s MAKEUP ARTIST Allegedly Spills Tea … Claims Cardi’s CHEAP, MEAN … And A CHEATER!!!

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Cardi B has grown up a lot, ever since first bursting onto the scene about five years ago. Media Take Out learned that new messages popped up online, purportedly from Cardi’s old makeup artist. And the messages are spilling tea, claiming that while the makeup artist was around Cardi, she was violent, rude, cheap …. and openly cheating on her man.

A New York makeup artist named Tricia appeared to expose some of Cardi’s deep dark secrets in a chat message circulating online,. Media Take Out has not been able to verify the messages as authentic. But that hasn’t stopped Twitter from running with the news, and sharing it virally.

Nowadays, Cardi makes anyone that works with her, sign an ironclad NDA – to prevent them telling her secrets. But back when she was working with Tricia, she didn’t make her sign it.

The message starts out saying, “Pease I don’t have a NDA with Cardi B, but she was extremely rude.”

“[She] couldn’t pay $80 for her & her friends makeup,” the message added.

The message continued, describing alleged violent instances with Cardi. “I watched her throw food across the floor, punch swift in the gut , get up while I was doing her makeup and lay in the bed and go to sleep, [and] she yelled at me.

Then the message turned to Cardi’s botched plastic surgery, “And the story goes on, she was never on time or prepared and her booty over lapped her legs.”

Finally, the message suggests that Cardi was cheating, on her then-boyfriend. “She also had a hickie on her neck when she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone in prison saying she was loyal.”


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