Cardi B’s Husband Accused Of Cheating AGAIN …. This Time On Live w/ Thousands Watching!

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Cardi B and her husband Offset are going viral again – after Offset appeared on a Livestream hosted by Twitch streamer Kai Cent. During the livestream, Offset began acting suspiciously – and Media Take Out has learned that hundreds of people across social media are suggesting that Offset may have inadvertently been caught cheating.


In the video Kai and Offset were talking, while playing video games. At one point a woman – who is off camera – called out to Offset, and called him over to talk.

When Offset got up to speak with the young lady, Media Take Out noticed that all of his friends started giggling – as if something was about to go down.

Then a few seconds later, Offset got up and followed the woman to a back room. After Offset left the stream, one of his handlers came over and whispered something into Kai’s ear – and the Twitch streamer started giggling like a school girl.

Offset and the woman were in the room for a little more than 30 minutes.

Then, when Cardi’s husband re-emerged from the room looking refreshed – Media Take Out confirmed that all the men in the room started clapping, and giving Offset hi-fives, like he just did something special.

What do you think happened in that back room?


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