Cardi B Won’t Be Reconsidering Tasha K Drama After Will Smith Controversy

Tiffany Brockworth |

Cardi B says she was almost fooled by Tasha K crying on Youtube and asking her to reconsider making her pay the almost $4 million she owes her.

But after Tasha K sat down with Brother Bilaal and alleged that he walked in on Duane Martin have anal sex with Will Smith…she’s following through with recouping all of her coins.

“I don’t like how I was fooled a couple of weeks ago. I don’t like what people be doing to Will Smith. I be feeling like Will Smith is very unproblematic and I feel like he got like a nice heart. And that’s the thing, I found out that Will Smith is a Libra. I always said this…like Libras, we be getting tried, we be getting tried, and then when we outburst, we outburst so f-cking heavy that we become the ones in the wrong,” she said.

She continued: “Anybody could say a f-cking fake-ass story about you and people [are] going to f-cking fake-ass believe it, so it should be your job to detect whether something is a lie or not, like to have any type of proof.”

Was Tasha K wrong to sit down with Brother Bilaal?

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