Cardi B Surgical Advisor SPEAKS . . . Plans To Explain Every Procedure Cardi Had – It’s A LOT!!

A man described as Cardi B’s “surgery advisor” has taken to Instagram, offering to explain all of the all surgical procedures that Cardi has had, Media Take Out has learned.

The man, who describes himself as Cardi’s “key surgical advisor,” claims that Cardi wants to come clean about her procedures – and the two of them plan to do a big reveal shortly.

Cardi’s advisor explained, “Big Bardi has decided that we will be speaking about it soon and will be open with some of her surgical procedures 🙌🏻🙌🏻 !”

He continued, “Please keep in mind that this was my clients desired look 💗 She wasn’t going for slim athletic which is what she had but for a more hips and laterals vixen type of look … We aimed for this and definitely got exactly what we were looking for.”

The advisor then addressed reports that Cardi recently underwent a full blown facelift, “Many have also been speculating about any procedures she did on her face, let me just clear the air 😮‍💨 The last procedure or any cosmetic changes meaning fillers that she had done was 2 years ago when she dissolved her cheek fillers and did her rhinoplasty, I know this because as her key surgery advisor I was there with 🙋🏻‍♀️ her for it all … What you guys see now is just swelling and minor water retention from our last round”

“Please keep in mind that she took time off but we all know how demanding her career can be and everyone’s body reacts differently. It was quite the ride 😂😂 but all I know is that she looks damn good 🔥 and I can see why the girlies were hate’n this week 😜”

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