Cardi B Says She Will NEVER Vote Republican

Lyndon Abioye |

Cardi B has complained about president Joe Biden but even though she says she may not vote for him in November, she says she will never vote Republican.

Cardi hopped on X to respond to somebody who wrote that she had turned Republican.

“She may have betrayed our country and turned Republican but at least she found a nice tune,” they wrote alongside a preview of an upcoming Cardi song.

“I will never turn republican lol,” Cardi clapped back.

Back in May, Cardi said:  “I’m not endorsing no f-cking presidents no more, because how is there a $100 million budget cut in New York City for f-cking schools, library, police safety, and sanitation?” while the country could “fund two wars.”

Cardi has said that she is disappointed with the current administration.

Two months before that, she told Big Boy during the interview that she would not be voting at all this year.

Should Cardi still vote?

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