Cardi B Reveals That Her House Is HAUNTED … And The Ghost Wants To F**K WITH HER!!

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Female rap superstar Cardi B has a supernatural problem on her hands. Media Take Out learned that he beautiful platinum selling rapper is living in a haunted mansion.

According to Cardi, her Atlanta mansion is being haunted by a ghost, that Cardi claims is “freaky.”

Cardi told fans that she’s been hearing strange noises in her home, and at first she thought that it was a fly. But she later realized that the sound was likely coming from some sort of a supernatural being – that has taken up residence in Cardi’s mansion.

Cardi continued, “It sounded like someone was on a phone …. so I told the security guard to come in my house to hear the sound.” But the sound left as soon as her security team arrived.

Cardi claims that whenever Offset, or any of her security team is around, the spirit doesn’t reveal himself.


Black Twitter gave it’s take on Cardi’s haunted house:

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