Cardi B Reacts To Joe Budden’s “Bongos” Criticism

Lyndon Abioye |

Cardi B isn’t feeling Joe Budden’s criticism of her latest collab with Megan Thee Stallion.

Budden is not a fan of “Bongos,” but said he did not think the song worked at all.

“I hate the song. It’s not better than any of the songs like it. ‘WAP,’ ‘Up,’ it’s not better than Cardi B feature. This is Cardi getting ready to follow-up her debut album… They not gonna spend the money to keep this rolling into the fourth and first quarter. “The music business is reactionary. They’re gonna wait to see what the research is on this song… This record don’t seem like it has lasting power… There’s nothing in it to make it stay,” he said on his podcast.

Cardi thinks his issue with her is personal.

“I just feel like, it’s like he has a issue with me,” she said. “And it was beyond the critique of ‘Bongos.'”

Are y’all feeling the new track?

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