Cardi B Marriage In Crisis After Offset-Saweetie Rumors … Insider Thinks Divorce Imminent!

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Media Take Out spoke exclusively with a person close to both Cardi B and her husband Offset, who told us that the top hip hop couple’s marriage is in crisis.

And that insider believes that Cardi may be on the verge of ending her marriage – and divorcing Offset.

Here’s the tea. Last month, a Twitter blogger posted a rumor – claiming that Cardi’s husband Offset was cheating with Saweetie, a friend to Cardi and the former girlfriend of Offset’s cousin and Migos partner, Quavo.

At the time, the rumor seemed ridiculous. Offset has cheated in the past, but there’s no way he’d be dumb enough to sleep with Saweetie behind the back of Cardi and Quavo – the two people he’s closest to in the world.

To cheat in this manner would both end his marriage and one of the greatest hip hop groups in history. It would go down as the BIGGEST BAG FUMBLE IN HIP HOP.

Media Take Out has learned that people close to Offset and Cardi are denying the rumors – but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from continuing to circulate them

And the rumor is picking up steam, Media Take Out confirmed, especially after Quavo insinuated that it was true in his latest track.

Quavo also told the Breakfast Club that the Migos group is over, for ”personal” reasons, leading to even greater speculation.


We spoke with a member of Cardi and Offset’s circle, and asked how Cardi is holding up. ”Cardi is not doing well. Offset denied the rumor is true, obviously, and I don’t know whether Cardi believes him or not. But Cardi is in a bad place. She’s humiliated.”

And then the insider dropped a bombshell, “I think Cardi’s ready to end her marriage. It’s too much.”

Cardi has filed to divorce Offset in the past, after rumors surfaced of him cheating with another female rapper. Those rumors were never confirmed, and Cardi eventually reconciled with her husband. But she made it clear that if she ever suspected Offset of cheated again, she’s OUT!

And yesterday Cardi gave us a hint on her intentions. Media Take Out confirmed that yesterday was Cardi B’s birthday. Typically Cardi posts a video on social media showing an over the top lavish gift that Offset has purchased for her.

While she and Offset did attend an over the top birthday together in Atlanta, Media Take Out noticed that Cardi also posted a cryptic tweet, explaining how she plans to ”start over.” She also said that she’s not willing to fix things, and is now saying ”F*** It”

She wrote:

Some days you gotta just say F*** IT. So many things are out of our control and instead of spending time worrying about how to fix it or make it better, you gotta just throw ya hands up and say F*CK IT. So today on World Mental Health Day I’m teaming up with @dkny and @namicommunicate to let you guys know that sometimes you gotta just roll with the punches and start over TOMORROW!

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