Cardi B Is Not Voting In The 2024 Election…

Lyndon Abioye |

Cardi B says she won’t be voting in the presidential election later this year as she does not rock with Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

“I don’t f-ck with both of y’all n-ggas. I feel like people got betrayed,” she added, referencing unfulfilled campaign promises, the high cost of living and low wages,” she said to Rolling Stone.

“It’s just like, damn, y’all not caring about nobody. Then, it really gets me upset that there is solutions to it. There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any f-cking thing.”

Cardi B went hard for Biden and Kamala Harris during the last election, but she has not been happy with what he has delivered. Trump is currently in court in Manhattan over hush money claims. He is also awaiting trial in Georgia over election interference.

He denies all allegations against him and some believe he is trying to stall to allow him time to get into office and bury the cases.

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