Cardi B Investigated By Georgia D.A For Felony … After Leaking S*xt*pe Of Her Enemy, Akbar V!!

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Female rapper Cardi B just got away from criminal prosecution – and now she’s facing another felony. Media Take Out has learned that the Fulton County district attorney’s office is investigating Cardi, and may be preparing to charge her with a serious felony.

And it’s all because Cardi appeared to leak an explicit video of her rival – reality star and rapper Akbar V – which is a serious felony under a new Georgia law.


Akbar and Cardi have a long history of beefing. You’ll recall that Akbar, who is a close friend to Cardi’a rival Nicki Minaj, is the woman who beat Cardi up at a NY Fashion Week party two years ago. As a result of the beating Cardi suffered, she had a huge knot on her head.

Yesterday Akbar posted a sneak diss of Cardi – suggesting that her new songs were not performing well on the charts, and Cardi responded – the two then went back and forth on Twitter:

Cardi then reportedly took the drama off Twitter, and called Akbar on the phone – and threatened her. Akbar returned to Twitter to tell fans what happened.

Then Cardi did the unthinkable – she posted a graphic video of Akbar and her ex-boyfriend in an intimate encounter:

Akbar responded, saying that Cardi’s leak is causing her “anxiety” and that her kids were seeing the video for the first time. Akbar currently has 5 children – two of which are at the age where they go online.

Shortly after the incident, Media Take Out confirmed that Akbar V’s attorneys reached out to the Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office. Fani – who has a reputation of locking up rappers – is the prosecutor in Cardi’s home jurisdiction.

And Cardi may be in serious trouble.

A brand-new law in Georgia now makes revenge p*rn a felony. Revenge p**n includes posting any s***ally explicit pictures or videos of someone else online without their consent causing them distress or embarrassment.

Under certain circumstances a person guilty of committing a revenge p**n offense can be guilty of a felony, punishable for up to 5 years in prison.

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