Cardi B Gets POLITICAL … BLASTS Joe Biden For Funding 2 Wars While Cutting NYC Budget!!

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Cardi B is treading into dangerous political waters. In a brand new Instagram post, Cardi blasts Joe Biden, after it was announced that New York City will be forced to cut $120 million from its budget, Media Take Out has learned.

New York City is forced to cut $120M from its budget because tens of thousands of migrants have flooded into the city – and are receiving millions of dollars in aid from the city.

As Media Take Out has reported, the New York City mayor Eric Adams has been begging Joe Biden for federal aid, to help alleviate the strain on the City’s budget. So far, Joe Biden has not responded to New York City’s pleas for aid.

Now Cardi B is coming out and blasting the president, saying that he needs to settle the wars in Israel and Ukraine, and give some of the money he’s spending on the wars – to the hood.

It’s an argument that many in the Democratic Party don’t want to hear. To the power brokers in the Democratic Party, any criticism of the president can lead to the election of Donald Trump – who is sure to hurt Black and Brown people more than Biden.

Here’s Cardi’s video, which has since gone viral:

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