Cardi B Fires Back At Nicki Minaj … Disses Her MOTHER!! (It’s BEEF Now)

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Nicki Minaj was giving the business to all her enemies on social media yesterday, including her arch rival Cardi B. Today Cardi fired back at Nicki, and made some disparaging comments about Nicki’s mother, Media Take Out has learned.

Nicki went on an unprecedented hit mission yesterday, blasting Cardi B, Meg Thee Stallion, and other female artists whom Nicki believes have slighted the best female rapper in history.

For example, Cardi recently got into it with a woman on Twitter. The woman criticized Cardi’s most recent plastic surgery operation. And as a clapback, Cardi made fun of the woman – whose home was recently lost in a fire.

Here’s the back and forth between Cardi and the woman:

Well Nicki Minaj called out Cardi for her rather insensitive joke. Nicki clearly didn’t mention Cardi by name though. Look:

Nicki also made other sub-tweets aimed at Cardi – and this morning Cardi had enough. Media Take Out learned that Cardi then attacked not only Nicki, but her mother.

Cardi was asked what she thought about Nicki sub-tweeting her. And Cardi said that if Nicki is too scared to @ her in the tweets, then all the things that Nicki is talking about applies to Nicki’s mother.

Wow, that’s pretty harsh. Look:

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