Cardi B Doesn’t Like Her Figure…”I’m Too Skinny!!”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Cardi B may be snatched, but according to the New York rapper, she’s not happy with her current shape as she feels she is too skinny.

“I told y’all on Spaces the other day that I had a really bad stomach issue for like a week and a half and I wasn’t able to eat or take food down. So until I gain weight back, I’m not going out because I do not like how my body look,” she explained. “I look too f-cking skinny and I don’t like it. When I look too skinny. I don’t feel like pants look good on me or skirts, or small little dresses. So gimme like a week — I’m starting to eat back normal again,” said Cardi.

She continued: “I weigh 135 pounds right now. I was at 137, and sometimes I’ve been at 128. That’s bad for me. I do not like being that skinny.”

The rapper says she plans to stay inside, and eat and have lots of sex… because, as Cardi claims, sexual activity helps you to gain weight.

Is Cardi too skinny?

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