Cardi B Details Production Team Rant

Lyndon Abioye |

Cardi B revealed to fans why she went off on production crew responsible for her recent BET Fan Fest performance.

In a viral clip, Cardi halts her performance to criticize the crew, and some fans on social media call her out for being disrespectful and rude.

“Let me tell you about yesterday!! I spent 100k on pyro that we couldn’t use because the production team failed to have the fire marshall go over safety with my team which is sooo simple to do,” she wrote on X. “Spent days in rehersal learning choreography just so for them to have the wrong mix and we had to swap it out.”

She continued: “booked four fans so they could be turned on during Bartier Cardi and that never happened.. you wanna know why? Because they didn’t bother to show up to rehearsal while hundred thousands of dollars was put into this show. Don’t play with my money in this economy honey.”

Watch the performance above.

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