Cardi B Appears To ADMIT To Drugging And Robbing Men On INSTAGRAM!!!

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Cardi B has been fighting allegations that she drugged and robbed men, before she became famous. Up until now, Cardi has denied those rumors.

But today, while in the midst of a rant against the Dalai Lama, Cardi appeared to justify drugging and raping men – because according to Cardi, they “deserved it.”

Yesterday Cardi B went on Twitter and was outspoken about the inappropriate behavior that the Dalai Lama exhibited towards a young Indian boy, which was captured on camera. But some of Cardi’s fans thought her outrage was a bit hypocritical, given that she was alleged to have taken advantage of men (by drugging them).

Typically Cardi B claims that these “drugging” allegations were lies. But yesterday, she didn’t.

Cardi went on a rant, where she justified taking advantage of unsuspecting men, Media Take Out confirmed.

Cardi explained, “Y’all are trying to say that I’m some kind of weird b**ch, because n***as wanted to try and buy p***y from me.”

“A lot of you are saying, ‘oh, these are some vulnerable men, you took advantage of.’ These are not no vulnerable men, these are some freak a** n***as who like to go to the strip club …. after the club is closed they try and take advantage of b****es, and try and bargain,” she continued.

Cardi added, “No N***a, I’m going to go through them pockets.”

Cardi continued to justify her alleged behavior by saying “robbing and r*ping are two different things.”


According to police in Florida, Nevada, and New York, pros***utes drugging men is a serious crime. According to recent reports, men have died from the drugging. Typically women caught drugging and robbing men are charged with multiple serious felonies, and face stiff prison sentences.

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