Canibus’ Manager Provides Receipts That Pete Rock Lied About Producing Canibus’ EP!!

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After Pete Rock denied he had anything to do with Canibus’ “C” EP,” Canibus’ manager provided receipts, proving that he was involved in the project and that he lied.

“I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER PRODUCE SOMETHING THAT SOUNDS THIS BAD OMG,” Pete Rock tweeted. “THIS IS A THIRSTY MOVE BY CANIBUS PEOPLE BUT HE DONT SOUND GOOD ON IT WTF OMG yall gotta stop being so thirsty & disrespectful man. Thats how you keep running in the mud. this is super trash lol.”

Canibus’ manager, Matthew “M-80” Markoff, posted the receipts to prove Pete Rock was paid for his involvement.

“Thank G.O.D. I will never be as corny as @PeteRock…1st suing @Nas then saying he didn’t authorize the EP w/ @DaRealCanibus that I paid him for and have the bank receipts, production sign off and guest sign off memo for. Tried to get me to pay him an extra $3k or he’d act out,” Markoff tweeted.

He posted a text Pete Rock allegedly sent that reads: “Out of respect you beat me for 2 beats. Out of respect you should pay me 3k more […] this signature is not to get 10k for a whole album for Canibus. You wanna stay in biz with me you gotta respect me and stop tryna get over on me 80. you know this is not cool and you should honor what im asking. you got 10k to pay me so pay me 3k more and I won’t feel like such an asshole dealing with you.”

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