Candace Owens GOT ANOTHER ONE … Popular 2000s Female Rapper M.I.A. Comes Out As ALT-RIGHT!!

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Republican talking head Candace Owens has been going viral recently, for her connection to disgraced hip hop star Kanye “Ye” West. Now it appears that she’s recruited another top selling artist, M.I.A, Media Take Out has learned.

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M.I.A. has recently embraced dangerous, and bizarre far right politics. For example in 2020, M.I.A. stated that she would “choose death” over a COVID-19 vaccine. That same year, she also commented on the conspiracy theory linking 5G to COVID-19, tweeting “Prevention is always better then [sic] cure. Can you love vax and 5G at the same time?”and expressing the belief that 5G is able to “confuse or slow the body down in healing process as body is learning to cope with new singles wavelength s [sic] frequency etc @ same time as Cov.”

And now Candace Owens is embracing her. Look:

M.I.A. grew up as a Tamil, a minority ethnic group, on the island nation of Sri Lanka, which has been ravaged by war since the 1980s. Her father was a major Tamil leader, but due to the tensions between the Tamil people and the Sinhala majority in Sri Lanka, M.I.A. relocated to Britain in her childhood. A child forced to flee her homeland due to civil strife: M.I.A. was a refugee.

M.I.A.’s first two albums, Arular (2005) and Kala (2007), received widespread critical acclaim for their fusion of hip hop, electronic, and world musics. The single “Paper Planes” from Kala reached number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 and sold over four million copies. Her third album Maya (2010) was preceded by the controversial single-short film “Born Free”. Maya was her best-charting effort, reaching the top 10 on several charts. Her fourth studio album, Matangi (2013), included the single “Bad Girls”, which won accolades at the MTV Video Music Awards. M.I.A. released her fifth studio album, AIM, in 2016. She scored her first Billboard Hot 100 number-one single as a featured artist on Travis Scott’s “Franchise” (2020), and two years later, released her sixth studio album Mata, featuring lead single “The One.”

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