Candace Owens Blames Megan Thee Stallion’s Music On Shooting

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Candace Owens does not have any sympathy for Megan Thee Stallion who has been in court for Tory Lanez’s trial. Owens is blaming the shooting on Meg’s music.

“Now, I know we live in a world where violence are words and silence is violence. This is real violence. This is real physical violence, the worst kind of violence you could ever imagine between a man and a woman,” Owens said on her podcast. “I’ll tell you what happened online. Megan was mocked by women and men alike, particularly in Black culture. They couldn’t believe this situation happened. They think it’s funny, maybe, that she got shot in the foot and had to get surgery performed.”

Megan accused Lanez of shooting her in both feet. So far in court, the evidence has appeared to be mostly in Lanez’s favor. A witness even claimed he saw a woman fire a gun first before Lanez fired shots into the air to break up a fight.

“I am not trying to blame the victim in this circumstance, but at a certain point, there is going to have to be a reckoning in Black culture, amongst the artists, to realize that even in a music that we create, and the music that Megan Thee Stallion creates, she perpetuates this kind of culture that allows this [violence] when you degrade women in your music,” said Owens.

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