Cam’ron Slams Strippers Asking For Ja Morant Apology

Tiffany Brockworth |

Ja Morant was suspended from the NBA for eight games in March after flashing his weapon in a strip club. Last week, the strippers claimed they want an apology but Cam’ron says they are buggin.

“Alright, I heard about kicking a dog when he’s down, but y’all bitches buggin’. Listen, if Pooh Shiesty was in there with a pistol, and stuck it all in your face, you’d be hype and all types of sh- t. If Durk came in there and smacked you with the pistol, you’d fall on the floor and do a muthaf-ckin’ backflip and love it, as long as he throwing money on you. Now, because n-gga Ja Morant going through a little something, y’all see it’s all NBA and gun control,” he said on his It Is What It Is podcast with Mase.

Ja Morant is currently suspended for flashing a gun on social media. He was not in a club this time, he was riding in a vehicle with a friend.

But he is close to losing his career and Cam is not here for it.

He continued: “A n-gga got a pistol in the strip club every f-cking night. It’s a n-gga with a pistol in there and he’ll turn ya bitches on. Y’all get excited when y’all see the pistol. N-gga drink a bottle, show you the pistol, throw the 1’s and you go home or slide with that n-gga. Now you wanna kick Ja Morant when he down? That’s f-cked up. Now, Adam Silver and the rest of the NBA, they got a right to do that. Y’all dancers see guns every night. Cut the sh-t. That’s my opinion.”

Is he right or are the strippers owed an apology?

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