Cam’ron SLAMS Caitlyn Jenner Over O.J. Disrespect…”You Killed N*ggas!!” 

Tiffany Brockworth |

Cam’ron reacted to Caitlyn Jenner disrespecting O.J. Simpson after the athlete’s death was announced last week.

Caitlyn tweeted “Good Riddance” on X…and Cam is not here for it.

“I don’t understand how n-ggas is still convicting n-ggas [when] they won the case. I seen muthaf-ckin’ Caitlyn Jenner write some sh-t… ‘Good riddance.’ Caitlyn Jenner, you killed n-ggas in Calabasas [while] talking ’bout paparazzi was chasing you. And you was Bruce! Nothing to do with transgender sh-t or nothing like that, but I’m just trying to say the paparazzi wasn’t on Bruce to where you had to be running to kill n-ggas. You ain’t Princess Di, n-gga. The f-ck you mean the paparazzi was on you, n-gga?” he said on his It Is What It Is podcast with Mase.

O.J. Simpson died from prostate cancer last week. He was 76.

Cam concluded: “You killed n-ggas and you paid n-ggas $800,000 because you was wrong. If you wasn’t wrong, you would’ve fought it. You killed n-ggas, admitted to killing n-ggas and then paid n-ggas becasue you killed n-ggas.”

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