Cam’ron ROASTS Ben Simmons Over Poor Performance On The Court

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Cam’ron is mad at Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons’ performance last week, and roasted him on social media.

“Look I’m gonna be real brief and short, pause. Ben Simmons, stop wasting my n-ggas time. I’m dead f-cking serious. Stop playing with my n-ggas man. You’ve got n-ggas playing two-on-f-cking-five out there. Stop playing with n-ggas, man,” said Cam.

Simmons is currently dating model Kendall Jenner.

He continued, “If you don’t want to f-cking play basketball, go to f-ck with the Kardashians, the Jenners, whoever the f-ck you with. Now when we watch it on TV it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s all good.’ I went to the f-cking game last night and I watched you shoot a airball layup,” he added.

Cam then doubled down on his comments to Simmons: “KD, Kyrie, I know ya’ll may not approve this message. This isn’t on them. This is on me. Stop playing with my n-ggas. Real talk, man. If you don’t want to play basketball, go do what the f-ck you want to do. Stop playing with n-ggas man! That sh-t got me mad! I could suit up and get two points, six fouls.”

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