Cam’ron Responds To Backlash: You Can’t Cancel N*ggas Who Canceled Theyself!!

Lyndon Abioye |

After receiving backlash for claiming that a photoshoot between Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors showing them getting up close and personal, is the reason he didn’t watch Creed III, Cam’ron says he cannot be canceled.

“How the f-ck you gon’ cancel n-ggas who canceled they self, n-gga? F-ck is you talking about? My mom got sick in 2007 and I said f-ck the whole music sh-t. I ain’t give a f-ck. And Killa Season just went quadruple platinum and [I] left the whole music business,” he said.

In the photoshoot, Majors embraced Jordan. Many people loved the photoshoot but some called it “suspect.”

“When you quit, Murda, how many you sold after you left? Seven million? My n-gga sold seven million then quit. You can’t cancel n-ggas who canceled theyself and don’t give a f-ck. We left when we wanted to leave. F-ck cancel culture — we started it with ourself, n-gga. Sound stupid!”

Can Cam’ron be canceled?

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