Cam’ron & Mase DEFENDS Dame Dash…”He Gave A Lot Of People In Harlem Jobs!!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Cam’ron and Ma$e have spoken out in defense of Dame Dash after Steve Stoute blamed Dame for the demise of his own business partnership and friendship with Jay-Z.

“Dame gave a lot of people jobs, regardless of what people say. And him giving you a platform, he gave a lot of people in Harlem jobs,” said Ma$e.

Cam chimed in, “Oh, absolutely. It’s a bunch of people outside of me that are still in prominent positions now [thanks to Dame]. Shari,” Cam went on, referring to a Roc Nation intern, “Y’know, she was an intern, then a secretary, then assistant, then went into corporate, then I think she was the assistant president at Atlantic Records and now she’s the president of Roc Nation.”

Steve Stoute said that people did not like the way Dame handled business and that Jay-Z wanted to grow, implying that Dame did not.

He concluded: “Dame gets perceived the wrong way because of his attitude. He’s very arrogant but he’s very smart. But the thing about it is, Dame is going to do what works for Dame and at this point you got to accept him. Either love him or hate him for who he is ’cause he’s not changing. He’s been successful at helping build $100 million companies — not just one, but multiple. And some people are never going to see $100 million in they life, so I think he’s capable of doing anything in the world. But sometimes to me, the way he presents himself to other people is a turn off. He’s can acquired taste.”

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