Cam’ron & Ma$e Weigh In On Ryan Garcia’s Racist Rant

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On a recent episode of their It Is What It Is podcast, Cam’ron and Mase talked about boxer Ryan Garcia’s racist rant on social media.

Garcia has been expelled by the World Boxing Council (WBC) after he went on a racist tirade against Black people, Jews and Muslims.

“This is a real sensitive issue when it comes to Ryan, because when you see Ryan doing the things that he’s doing, part of it could be trolling, but it’s starting to come across as a mental breakdown. I wish he [could] get some real, serious help, and it’s sad that he made so much money so fast, because the money is actually working against him,” said Ma$e.

Garcia said that he hated “n-ggers,” and that he hated Muslims too. He claimed he was molested as a young boy and that he was r-ped by a Black man.

The boxer had already been suspended for a year by the New York State Athletic Commission after he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Cam blasted Garcia’s remarks about George Floyd, who was murdered by a police officer back in 2020. The Dipset rapper says there is no coming back from this.

Is Garcia’s career over?

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