C-Murder Cosigns NBA YoungBoy From Behind Bars

Lyndon Abioye |

C-Murder hopped on social media to give big props to NBA YoungBoy.

“I want to ask the older cats to stop hating on our new generation that rap. These dudes really eating and it’s all legal,” he wrote alongside of picture of the young rapper.

C-Murder continued: “NBA Youngboy keeping it realer with me than any nigga I know. However it go, I’m rolling with him in war or peace. He’s my Soulja Slim of the new generation. 4EVERTRU.”

C-Murder is still trying to be freed from prison. Earlier this month the ncarcerated rapper C-Murder thanked Kim Kardashian for working hard to try and get him freed from prison.

“It’s been a fight, and long journey for Justice. Thank you @kimkardashian 🙏🏾 and EVERYONE involved over the years (praying, advocating and believing) in my innocence,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Louisiana recently enacted a new law that provides innocent people with the ability to raise a post-conviction claim of factual innocence,” Kim wrote. “Mr. Miller has raised such a claim and, like all of his prior post-conviction filings, has been denied relief without even so much as an evidentiary hearing. In light of the fact that the only witnesses have completely recanted their testimony, there is absolutely no remaining evidence against Mr. Miller. Corey Miller deserves a day in court to test the veracity of the recanted statements and to prove that he did not shoot Steve Thomas.”

The rapper has been imprisoned for 21 years for murder and has claimed his innocence the entire time.

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