Bubba Sparxx: I Sold Out With ‘Ms. New Booty’!!

Georgia rapper Bubba Sparxxx dropped his single “Ms. New Booty” in 2005 and it was a big hit…he admits that was the moment he sold out.

“I would say ‘Ms. New Booty’ is the time that if I ever sold out, it would be then. And I don’t look at anything like that but that’s the time where I made the money grab. I said, ‘I gotta get some money right now.’ We did this whole banjos and fiddles and all this sh-t [the last album] and now I need to go get some money. I need to get back in those clubs,” he explained.

The rapper enjoyed time in the spotlight until the release of Deliverance.

“Then taking a gamble with the different sound with Deliverance and then it not performing the way that we’d hoped. After that, even though I did do a big deal with Virgin and Purple Ribbon with Big Boi, there was still a couple of years – two-and-a-half years – where I wasn’t really able to really get any show money. I did get some show money from Deliverance, but it was more colleges and the ticket was just lower.”

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