Bronny James Discharged From Hospital

Lyndon Abioye |

LeBron James took to his social media to release a statement about his 18-year-old son Bronny who suffered cardiac arrest during a basketball workout Monday.

“I want to thank the countless people sending my family love and prayers. We feel you and I’m so grateful,” he wrote. “Everyone doing great. We have our family together, safe and healthy, and we feel your love. Will have more to say when we’re ready but I wanted to tell everyone how much your support has meant to all of us! #JamesGang,” James said.

The update comes a day after former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen claimed Bronny James’ cardiac arrest was due to steroids.

“If you do not properly monitor, your EPO use you can experience cardiac arrest and die in your sleep,” Sonnen tweeted. “If you do not properly monitor your EPO use, and you go into cardiac arrest in front of other people there is a good chance somebody will get you help in time and you will survive.”

Sonnen’s followers begged him to delete the tweet. He did not.

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