‘Bro Built Like a Hot Water Bottle’: Black Twitter Is Brutally Body-Shaming Lil Yachty Physique

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Rap icon Lil Yachty posed shirtless for a series of photos – and Black Twitter is roasting the living heck out of him, Media take Out has learned.

One X (Twitter) user posted a shirtless picture of Lil Boat with the caption, “Rappers spend so much money on jewelry but never on a good tattoo artist.” The picture showed off Yachty’s torso, which is filled with about a dozen or so horrible tattoos.

For example, Yachty has the word “concrete” in misaligned letters, tatted under his chest, – with each letter is a different symbol. He has “Daddy Soldier” and “Momma Baby” on his left and right biceps, respectively. There’s a stick figure on his left forearm, and he has a compass to the right of his left nipple.

One social media commenter joked about his ink, saying, “Bro need to refund his tattoos.”

Another commenter stated, “Bro looks like one of them notebooks you draw on when you tryna kill time.”

While some people kept the jokes about his tattoos, other commenters started attacking Yachty’s figure.

“Bro built like a hot water bottle.”

“Why does his body look so flat bro is 2d.”

“My dawg got that teddy graham cracker shape boiii.”

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