Brittish Williams’ Ex Lorenzo Gordon Denies Knowing About Her Crimes!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Lorenzo Gordon, the ex of former Basketball Wives star Brittish Williams, says he had no knowledge of her committing fraud until she was charged.

In a recent interview, Brittish was asked whether he knew, and she responded, “Yeah. Somewhat. It might’ve been some instances that he didn’t know anything about, but like, most of the time, I would say, yes. Yeah.”

Gordon responded on Instagram Stories:

“Dear Brittish Williams I saw the interview with Carlos King. I heard a lot of lies. If you did anything while dating me, I wasn’t aware. I told the government you were innocent in my eyes. I wasn’t aware of any criminal activity during the years of us dating.”

Brittish was sentenced to four years in prison for her involvement in tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud and pandemic-related scams.

Back in May, we reported that Brittish copped to bank fraud, misusing social security numbers, sending phony bills for health insurance payouts and even confessed to lying to the IRS and on applications for federal loans.

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