Britney Spears’ Fiancé Sam Asghari Claims He’s Not A House Husband

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Britney Spears’ fiancé Sam Asghari denies reports that he’s a house husband who lives off the star.

“I’m not a house husband. I’m a normal person. So I do a lot of shopping because sometimes I require specific things when it comes to diet,” he told GQ.

He said that they share paying for things and that they do not have a joint bank account.

“We do travel a lot, and I am dating a girl that’s very expensive,” he said.
“She has an expensive taste, but I do try to incorporate my lifestyle to her as well, and if it was up to me, we would cut down on the traveling and stay at a much cheaper hotel, and we would probably live off of $60 a day.”

The couple got engaged earlier this year and are planning a wedding.

Britney wants her dream wedding.

“Sam has spoken out about the type of wedding that the two of them want and his words should be trusted on this. Britney has dreamed of her ‘happily ever after’ and for over 10 years she thought she would not ever have it. She’s found it now and she is so thankful and grateful for told HollywoodLife.

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