Britney Spears Accuses Alyssa Milano Of ‘Bullying’ Her

Tiffany Brockworth |

Britney Spears accused Alyssa Milano of “bullying” her after she posted a tweet that questioned Brit’s mental wellbeing.

“It saddens me to see things about me from people who don’t know me!!! This definitely feels like a form of bullying!!!” Brit wrote on Instagram. “Ladies, we are supposed to be rooting for one another not pulling one another down!!!”

On Twitter, Milano’s wrote, “Someone please go check on Britney Spears.”

Just a week prior, Britney spoke out against people accusing her of having a meltdown when she’s just trying to enjoy herself.

“Since everyone thinks they know my story. THINK AGAIN !!! A mere side of any given SUNDAY doesn’t show worship placing someones story out there … it’s a day of WELCOMING … not a righteous reply !!!” she wrote. “It is what it is … nope I’m not having a breakdown … I am who I am and moving forward in my life. I have never felt better !!!”

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