British Rapper Fredo Sentenced To Five Years In Dubai Jail

Lyndon Abioye |

UK rapper Fredo has been sentenced to five years in a Dubai jail after being arrested and charged last year with possession of cannabis.

Fredo has reportedly been in Dubail jail since September. Dubai has a zero tolerance approach to drug offences.

The month before his arrest, the rapper opened up about how difficult is has been for him to balance fatherhood with his career.

“Becoming a father put a lot more pressure on me,” he told Rolling Stone. “I had my daughter in 2020. That’s the same time I invested in Kick Game, it’s the same time I started designing PG Clothing. So, it was a mad little time, I had to build more – I still gotta build more,” Fredo says.

Since the news of his sentencing, the rapper has not issued a statement but reports state that he plans to appeal the sentence, although due to the zero tolerance policy, it’s unlikely to be successful.

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