Brett Favre Threatens To Sue Dr Umar Johnson … Umar Says Brett STOLE From Mississippi

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Brett Favre is at the center of a pretty major scandal in Mississippi – concerning misappropriated funds which were meant to go to poor people. A major social media commentator, Dr Umar Johnson has been talking about Brett’s involvement in the misappropriated funds – and is calling the former NFL baller a “thief” … and suggesting that the Hall Of Fame Quarterback stole money from poor people in Mississippi.

Now Brett is firing back against Dr Umar. Yesterday, the former NFL star’s legal team sent a threatening legal letter to Dr Umar, who posted the threatening legal letter:

So what exactly is the Mississippi scandal about?

Well, an eight-month-long investigation showed that the Mississippi Department of Human Services gave more than $98 million to two non-profits: The Mississippi Community Education Center and the Family Resource Center of North Mississippi. Of the $98 million, $94 million was “questioned,” meaning it was either definitively misspent or auditors were unable to determine if it was legally spent.

One of the recipients of these funds was Brettt Favre, the Hall of Fame quarterback and Mississippi native. According to an audit, the Mississippi Community Education Center directly paid him $1.1 million in TANF funds for promotional ads and speaking appearances that the state auditor said never occurred.

Favre returned $500,000 in May 2020 and repaid the remaining $600,000 in October 2021 after the state auditor issued a demand letter for it, according to the auditor’s office. But the auditor’s office maintains Favre still owes $228,000 in interest payments.

Also, Brett told investigators that he asked the state for funds to build a new volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he played football from 1987-90 and his daughter played volleyball from 2017-2022. The media outlet Mississippi Today, which has covered the scheme for several years, reported that at least $5 million of the welfare funds were channeled to the new facility.

In a statement through his attorney, Brett denied wrongdoing and said he did not know that the funding was supposed to go toward needy families.

“No one ever told me, and I did not know, that funds designated for welfare recipients were going to the University or me,” he said. “I tried to help my alma mater (the University of Southern Mississippi), a public Mississippi state university, raise funds for a wellness center. My goal was and always will be to improve the athletic facilities at my university.”

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