UPDATE: Travis Scott REFUSES To Turn Himself In To NY Police … He’s A WANTED MAN … On The RUN!!

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This is a Media Take Out EXCLUSIVE. Any news agency that posts this without credit will be considered to be APPROPRIATING NEWS FROM BLACK MEDIA.

Kylie Jenner’s baby’s father was scheduled to be arrested TODAY iN New York City. Media Take Out confirmed that Travis was expected to fly into New York City this morning, and turn himself into a midtown police office today around noon to be ARRESTED.

Well Travis decided that he’d rather just GO ON THE RUN!!

Travis Scott

We spoke with a person in Travis’ camp who told us that Travis is “cooperating” with police and has agreed to turn himself in and be arrested.

According to our inside snitch, Travis’ legal team had been negotiating with police to turn himself in peacefully. But Travis decided … NAH, I’M GOOD.

Media Take Out confirmed that Travis remained in California, and will not be coming in to turn himself in.

Now Media Take Out learned that the NYPD issued an “I Card” for Travis. An I-card stands for Identification Card, but in short it’s just an alarm that a person is wanted for some reason.

There are different types. If they’re wanted for a crime, it allows an officer to take the person into custody and contact the investigator that issued the iCard to make the arrest.

That means any police officer is asked to take him into custody ON SIGHT. It’s not clear whether the NYPD plan to put out a reward for him.

He’s expected to be charged with Assault in the 3rd Degree.

We’re told that Kylie’s baby daddy was expected to do a “perp walk”, where he’s handcuffed and dragged into court in front of the media. But Media Take Out was not able to confirm whether police plan on embarrassing the rapper in that manner.

Travis Scott will be charged with assault, for allegedly punching a sound engineer at Club Nebula in Midtown.

The sound engineer claims that after the assault, Travis damaged about $12,000 dollars worth of audio equipment after he was asked to turn down the volume.

The victim has since told local New York media that he “was hurt” and suffered a neck injury in what he said was a punch in the face.

Travis Scott has two children with Kylie Jenner.

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