BRAVO-CON Drama . . . White People Fighting & Stampeding At Bravo’s NYC Convention!!

This weekend is Bravocon – and it’s fun, exciting, and RATCHET as heck. All of the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are in attendance – including Sheree, Marlo, Kandi, Kenya, Sonya, and Drew.

And so are the cast members of ALL of Bravo’s shows. And while Media Take Out can say that the Black cast members seem to be on their best behavior – the White ones, not so much.

We confirmed that there’s a whole lot of ratchet ness at the event – and this all just happened on the FIRST day of the convention.

Media Take Out can confirm that there were “multiple” fist fights at the event, and inadequate security. We guess Bravo figured that with a convention hall full of middle aged women and gay men – what could go wrong.

Well, a LOT.

At around noon, we’re told that a group of women got tired of waiting on line, and decided to bullrush the gate to get into one of the conferences. Look:

Then one of the stars of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills allegedly got into a full on fist fight with a Bravo blogger. There was no security there to break it up, so the two ladies continued fighting, until a few of the convention guests broke it up.

Looks like the blogger (blonde) whopped Teddi’s butt (Red head).


Teddi, 41, is a television personality, actress, and self-professed “accountability coach”, best known for appearing in seasons eight, nine, and ten of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Samantha Bush created the Instagram account @BravoHistorian on a whim, just looking for an outlet to share her opinions about all the ridiculous reality TV shows on the Bravo network.

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